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Sketch: $5
Line: +$5
Color: +$3
Flat Shading: +$5
Full Shading: +$10


Sketch: $15
Line: +$5
Color: +$5
Flat Shading: +$10
Full Shading: +$15

Full Body

Sketch: $20
Line: +$10
Color: +$5
Flat Shading: +$10
Full Shading: +$20

$10 (Sketch/Color)

$20 (Sketch/Color)


$13 (Sketch/Line/Color)


$38 (Sketch/Color/+Character)


MUST give half payment up front for works over $30. Payment method is PayPal, through invoices.

Any previews will be half-sized or watermarked. You will not receive your final(s) until payment has processed. If you attempt to refund your payment before processing is finished you will not receive your commission at all.

Additional Characters

Bust: +15% total
Hips+Up: +35% total
Full Body: +50% total


Single color and transparent backgrounds are provided free of charge!

Simple patterns are free, but need to be requested. I will not draw complex backgrounds

Won't Draw...

Ø Guro/Gore
Blood is fine
Ø Sex
Erotic nudity is fine
Ø Complex machines/mechs


If you do not pay for your commision within ONE WEEK of completion without notice, you forfeit your rights to it and it belongs to me.

I will not hold a piece longer than two weeks.

Interested in a commission?

Send me a message!
Discord: @lovecubus#9935

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